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Yoga and Its Importance in Students Life

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2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Ethical, Legal, and Political Implications

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   On March 11, 2011, a massive tsunami caused by a 9.0-magnitude megathrust earthquake off the coast of Japan devastated coastal communities and triggered a nuclear reactor meltdown. Japan is no stranger to earthquakes (Samuels, 2013). It lies near the Pacific tectonic plate and on the intersection of the Eurasian, Philippine, and North American …"> Read More»

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Five college dropouts who made it big

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What is the complication with Australian schools?

Australian schools are in great trouble, and students will continue to slip behind in reading, math, and science unless there is vigorous action from all governments, a new report has warned. It is a threatening picture of the country’s education system, where high school students lag behind global standards, there is increasing inequity and teaching …"> Read More»

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Healthy food is necessary for activeness

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For healthy students-teacher relationships- four timeless elements

Students teacher relation is the best among the world. A teacher is like a guardian, parent, educator to the students. This is a relationship which can be cherished forever. A teacher helps in the overall development of a scholar and create a powerful environment for learning.  Not all students are similar No student and there …"> Read More»

Why online education is expanding at top universities

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Is online education good or bad?

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Public speaking is one of the most feared things among a large population of students around the world. However, this fear can be conquered with consistent practice and utter determination. This article discusses some of the important points that might help you to speak confidently. Below are some tips that would assist on a daily basis. Read …"> Read More»

How studying in a different city can be advantageous for you?

“Variety is the spice of life,” everyone knows it well. None prefer dullness in life, and hence, steps must be taken to bring some light and an air of freshness in one’s life. Most of us are influenced to move to new places to spice up life. For some, it is a personal choice, while …"> Read More»

How to write a perfect case study

A case study is the research method type where facts are studied, and related concepts functional behind the scene are explained. Thus, to write an excellent case study, a student must be thorough with the concepts. Also, he must be able to comprehend the facts well and read between the lines. There is no sure short recipe …"> Read More»

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An article critique is a type of academic writing that provides a critical evaluation through an intensive review of an article, which involves giving a brief summary of the article. It indicates the perceived success of an article and analyses its strength and weaknesses. How to draft an article critique is a question for whose answer you can …"> Read More»

Difference between resume and CV

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Some dissertation topics for management students

When you are looking for a good dissertation topics , look over all of your previous coursework. This comprises all of your business related classes. Look over your notes from class. Think over ideas you wrote about in past years or textbooks you studied. This will provide you some idea as to what you might want to …"> Read More»

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What are the common advantages of learning foreign languages?

Many of us have the aim of learning foreign languages. All of us have decision-making reasons for learning it; however, everyone gets the same benefits. A person not only enjoy economic and social advantages but also the advantages of learning a foreign language. You may also be a foreign learning aspirant and might be interested to …"> Read More»

References list- the life saver of an assignment from getting plagiarized

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Steps for writing an effective conclusion in your assignment

Students studying in various colleges or universities around the world undergoes various trouble to accomplish their academic writings. They are given various tasks such as essays, term papers, dissertations, case study or coursework to complete within the given time. Apart from completing the assignments students need to provide an excellent introduction and conclusion to the …"> Read More»

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Thesis topic for MBA students

Thesis writing plays a major role in academic writing. Therefore, prior to selecting your research topic a researcher must very well know two important things. First, the researcher must identify the sources of data collection and second, the type of statistical technique used in the analysis. It is observed that many times MBA scholars submit the thesis …"> Read More»

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Guide to writing formal complaint letter

In today’s world, the buyer can influence the market. The consumer can be sure that there are a lot of companies that are desirous to provide you with whatever product or service you require; hence today you have a fantastic opportunity to gain the advantage of such enterprises. However, there is one condition: you shouldn’t …"> Read More»

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Responsibility of a student during studies

In one’s existence, the most essential phase of their life is students’ life. This is the period where we are filled with enthusiasm, fresh energy, and passion to accomplish the tasks perfectly. We are highly motivated and prepared for giving out our best in everything that we came across. People hold high expectations from us"> Read More»

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Accounting as a profession plays an important role in the society and economy. The profession in accounting has become necessary more than ever, with the business world evolving rapidly. Finishing the accounting course of study is a tough task. Learners would embark on several accounting disciplines. Accounting students come across various difficulties while completing their …"> Read More»

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To begin on a tourism and hospitality assignments you must look out for an exciting and fascinating assignment topic. To prepare an assignment and dissertation is a vital task during their course of study. The assignment topics create interest out of the learners and support them to diminish the sensation of dullness. An appropriate support should be …"> Read More»

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Business Law assignments are considered to be the most challenging task for students. Many law students are stressed with the assignment writing task. Students have to complete their Law assignments given by their college professors. But they can’t accomplish the given assignments on time as they have many other tasks and it’s so difficult. To …"> Read More»

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The life of a student is not very easy. One can quickly figure out that how difficult it is for a learner these days to complete all the assignments on the edge of time and yet has to organize everything while the sun shines. Students have to accomplish their priorities straight, and they have the …"> Read More»

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Law assignments are not simple. They are complex cases, case studies, and questions that need to be answered with the guidance of laws, cases, and jurisdictions. Law assignments are meant to estimate the compatibility of students in analyzing and evaluating the law. make available law assignment help with proficient, remarkable and additional support related to writing a law …"> Read More»

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Are you in a dilemma over how to write HR assignment to match the expectations of your professor? When you look around for online service providers rendering human resource assignment help, you get a little confused about the reality of service and then think about whom to ask for help. At that point of time, …"> Read More»

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HRM is a sphere that concentrate on the well-organized utilization of the human resource to earn great performance of the employee that is needed to meet organizational goals. If you are a HRM scholar who who is struggling with loads of academic tasks assigned by your college educator, then the time has come to receive human …"> Read More»

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Econometrics is the branch of economics that relies on mathematical and statistical formulas to determine the relationship between various economic principles based on experiential data. is a website that brings fresh and relevant content that can assist you in excelling with your econometrics assignment help. What is econometrics homework help all about? The two broad categories in …"> Read More»

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Online assignment writing services seem to be an option for the students who are not interested in academics and has laid back attitude. In many cases, it is true that pupils who are not good at studies go for writing homework help services, but there are many reasons for the scholars to take assistance from the …"> Read More»

Canada assignment help- An overview

Completing an academic work requires help- many students who find English terrible, believe in this. If you are one of them, hire the Canadian assignment helpers of who provide the best paper writing services in Canada. Assignments comprise of essays, dissertations, research papers, coursework and what not. An assignments service like us knows the requirements of each of them …"> Read More»

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Business intelligence is the set of tools and methods used for the improvement of raw data into something meaningful and beneficial for the function of business evaluation. This is due to the truth that companies these days are extremely contingent on a large quantity of information which makes complicated and affects the business choices. Some …"> Read More»

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For most of the students in Ireland, homework and assignments are no less than any nightmare. Quite often, students throw their hands up in the air and shout “write my assignment for me” or “who will do my homework?” Sometimes, students fall short of time and see their grades dropping due to huge project loads. …"> Read More»

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Many pupils find financial accounting challenging due to the mathematical applications involved in it. Students require proper guidance in this academic discipline due to the number of complexities involved it it. It is not easy for all the students to understand the tough concepts involved in this subject. If you are pursuing financial accounting and …"> Read More»

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 Custom essay writing service is a unique service and help for the students who cannot save enough time for their assignment preparation during busy schedules, and they don’t want to lose their grades due to unavailability of time.  If you are worried and have no time to write you paper, just remember that help is …"> Read More»

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Coursework is an academic writing that is given to students in their course of degree program study. Therefore, every student pursuing their degree program in whichever discipline needs to write coursework. However this academic writing is not easy, it requires a great knowledge and understanding from the writers. every student s not good n this …"> Read More»

Everything you need to know about accounting assignment writing help online

Accounting is a procedure of generating and maintaining an extensive report of finance of a business organization. The financial report methodically proffers deep perception into organizational assets, financial transaction, liabilities, revenue, etc. Accounting is an important procedure and in the absence of it, no organization, can work in a productive way since it is important …"> Read More»

Taxation assignment writing is not a rocket science! Learn them now!

Taxation is a means by which government finances their expenditure by imposing charges on citizens and corporate entities. Governments use tax to involve or devolve citizens into specific economic decisions. It is a system that is inculcated by every developed nation of the modern world with the intention of proposing sustainable development. Taxation is a …"> Read More»

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After all day of studies and extracurricular activities, students are often required to deal with various assignments, homework, and projects. The stress can certainly get irresistible, especially when the time span allotted for the submission is not adequate. Also, learners have the attitude of putting off homework until the last minute, and when they eventually …"> Read More»

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Writing an assignment is not the task that every student can attempt effectively. Some students gain efficiency in writing assignments early, and some struggle to deal with the complexity it throws up to them. For the later category of students, it would be wise to learn the craft of academic writing from online academic writers …"> Read More»

Ten facts why students search for “Help me with my assignment”

Today’s life is regarded as a life of fast moving gadgets where everything happens in no time. Students can now read, learn or understand any topic or concept on their own. People in early time used to gather information from here and there from different author books, but nowadays students prefer studying online where they …"> Read More»

Five solid pieces of evidence completing corporate culture assignments is good for your career advancement

Corporate culture refers to a set of principles that represents the manner in which employees of an organization have to carry out their activities. Further, an organization can be able to make appropriate decisions. Every organization or company needs a human resource (HR) department.  Corporate culture represents the environment of an organization that is created …"> Read More»

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Writing a thesis is an essential step towards a degree in any master’s program. It lays the foundation for the drafting of a thesis on the same schedule. To write a complete and entirely valid thesis, you should choose an approach that appropriately meets all their academic needs. Many students, however, face challenges when dealing …"> Read More»

Extensive ideas for completing your sociology homework assignments

Students study and learn about the human society in Sociology. Sociology has both quantitative and qualitative techniques to build up and evaluate the knowledge related to the behavior of the society. If you are well qualified in sociology then understanding the human social behavior would be simple for you. You would be able to answer …"> Read More»

The main area of finance in which you need Assignment help

Finance as a business subject is the most complex blend of theory, numerical and analytical studies. Finance assignment writing involves a perfect combination of tricky and crucial tasks. It takes both time and efforts to identify with the complex finance assignment concepts like stock valuation, bond valuation, CAPM Model, etc. As a matter of fact, …"> Read More»

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Operations management is the subject dealing with conceiving and managing of a business process during the production of goods and services. It brings about efficiency, best possible use of resources and meeting the consumer expectations. Operations management is concerned with supervising the production process and exercising control and management of the production process where a …"> Read More»

Business management experts doing part time assignment writing work for students

Online business management assignment help puts down all your worries in business planning and development, and uses of some steps and techniques, research and analysis of distinct approaches. Therefore students can avail assistance in business assignment and solve all their problems. Therefore students search for assignment writing help from the expert writers. The team of has …"> Read More»

Professional Assignment helpers can help you in writing assignments

Each learner knows for sure that it’s quite daunting to spend hours in class and then get on with your homework. As you go through college or university, you all the time has to complete various types of works that encompass a lot of conditions and rules to follow. To disentangle yourself from this never-ending …"> Read More»

Solving Case Study Assignments is not a problem for students

A case study is the best way to make available an individual possibility to replicate the practical scenario in the theoretical environment. It is a method of setting up research whether it is related to engineering, social science or management assignments. It is a rigorous learning of a single group, incident or community. Those scholars …"> Read More»

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Business plan is a professional sphere of business development. To meet the future goals business plan aims at presenting the best infrastructure to the organization management. To reach majority of the clients and increase the organizations profit is its main goal. Many schools and universities have begun asking learners to craft the assignment so they …"> Read More»

What Are The Career Opportunities For Accounting Students

Accountants are the crucial element of any business ingredient, regardless of its nature and work. For carrying out bookkeeping, auditing, and financial management, accountants are an important part of any business organization, even during the downturn period. Since every business organization needs an accountant, whether public, private or non-profit, students pursuing the accounts degree course …"> Read More»

The five basic stereotypes when it comes to urgent assignment help

Every college or university student is burdened with dozens of assignment at a time. It is a tough time for everyone, and mostly, you have no one to help you with those terrible papers and assignments. If you want to avoid it, then you can avail the online urgent assignment help services from various assignment writings agencies …"> Read More»

How To Overcome The Fear Of Assignment Writing By Consulting Experts

Turning out a perfect and flawless academic paper can be a bit intimidating task, especially when you are a beginner and unsure of academician expectations. Fear of failure, dilatoriness, deficiency of good ideas is just a few persuasion you might be facing when your professor hands out your next assignment. In spite of your anxiety, …"> Read More»

Hiring Assignment Writers Is The Primary Need Of UK And Australian Students

Has your university professor loaded you with an assignment which seems hard to accomplish because you have a hectic work schedule? Is this circumstance seems similar to you? Are you a college or university scholar in UK and Australia and pursuing very hard to complete your degree program by submitting the best assignments but could …"> Read More»

How Students Can Solve Urgent Assignment On Time Without Taking Too Much Pressure

When it comes to any theoretical writing, it appears that there is no way out. Most students can’t stand preparing such tasks as they are excited to spend their time in a more appealing manner. They drop the assignment to the last day expecting some magic will come about. So, if you desire to make …"> Read More»

Completing Human Resource Assignments Is The Toughest Part For MBA Students

Human resource is a role in organizations for maximizing the potential of employees to meet the objectives of the employer. It incorporates hiring, training, and assessment, etc. of the employees to guarantee the productivity is as per the requirements of the organization. The role of HR involves more strategic planning rather than simply conducting interviews …"> Read More»

Get Ready To Understand Network Assignment Help

An unusual number of students are enrolling in this field to learn and specialize, as the demands for computers are increasing in every area. It is a vast area of study which may include many branches and sub-branches. A student needs to be a genius and have required knowledge to understand all the requirements of …"> Read More»

Assignment Expert Writes Assignment Help For UK’s Needy Student

Many of the students studying in the UK universities face hectic schedule due to which they need help in completing their academic work. There can be any reasons of it may be some family responsibilities or busy with other activities. University students in the UK are required to write essays, dissertations, book reports, research proposals, …"> Read More»

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Art is an across-the-board domain of activities of humankind such as painting, photography, carving and other visual media, etc. In the broader context of use, arts can be defined as an expression of vision and creative thinking. It brings in various types of human actions and the products of those activities. Art usually exerts influence …"> Read More»

Why Rank Of “Art Assignment Help” In Assignment Industry Is Always On Top

A profession in art is not constricted to being a painter of canvases which is set in a frame and sold in a gallery. Art is a vast domain of activities. In the sphere of arts, there are some essential prospects such as literary arts, visual arts and performing arts dance, drama, dialogues, etc. Due …"> Read More»

What Makes Different For Arts Assignment Help?

Students pursuing arts for their degree program are occupied with a long collection of tasks and have to meet up stringent deadlines. Universities assign arts assignment to students so that they can learn about the particular subject. Being a student, you are learning new things every day, and also you might need some direction to …"> Read More»

10 Best Ways To Create Unique Content Of Student Assignment Help

One of the inescapable truths of students life is assignment writing. To master the arts of writing assignments, a scholar needs to have a great knowledge and structure the assignment in a roper way and format. But most of the times students miss this art of writing and fails up writing a poor quality assignment, …"> Read More»

Avoid Errors While Writing Your Dissertation And Thesis

Thesis and dissertation are the most critical assignments writing that a learner has to accomplish in his educational career. Scholars should be very precise and accurate while writing their thesis and dissertation as their degree depends on it.   Here are few of the errors that you should avoid while writing your thesis and dissertation- …"> Read More»

Get Free Advice From Experts Of Computer Programming Assignment Help

Presently, Information technology is the industry which rules another domain in growth and contributes a part in every nation’s economic development. In the business process, programming languages significantly serve the IT sector. The eminent point is learning the programming languages without trouble and confusions. Computer science field is rationalized to be a little shocking to …"> Read More»

Never Stop Doing Things That You Love Most

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How To Create Effective Research Paper UK

Without taking any assistance and guidance from the experts and professionals, writing a research paper is a challenging and troublesome task. Students do not possess any sufficient knowledge at the college level when it comes to research paper writing. It requires a lot of knowledge, attention and other competent skills. Before solving any industry report, …"> Read More»

Top 5 Exclusive Suggestion For Human Resource Assignment Help

One of the major branches of MBA is a Human resource. Lots of scholars enroll in this course to learn the differences of human resource management. Being university students, you might also be familiar with the complexness it constitutes in many ways. Here are top 5 exclusive suggestions for the students for getting human resource assignment …"> Read More»

6 Ways For Students To Write The Best Dissertation Of Their Lives

Writing a thesis is not an easy task, and for the majority of the students, it is a highly challenging task. Also, it is the most important part of your degree program. For a perfect dissertation structure, it requires dedication, continuance, and ability to do deep research and determination. Dissertation writing can be challenging but …"> Read More»

Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Human Resource Management Assignment Help

To gain the maximum profit with the aid of dedicated personnel and by implementing their best techniques is the wish of every business organization. Human resource management is an efficient department that focuses on providing direction to the qualified recruiting candidates so that they can help the team to grow the business to an extreme …"> Read More»

Why Is MBA Degree So Important For Career Growth?

It is an era where everyone from fresh and energetic graduates to those with some years of work experience appears to want to earn an MBA degree. Many times, people make this decision without really knowing how an MBA assignment help to go about getting one. In the present-day competing job scenario, picking an encouraging degree program …"> Read More»

Five Top Reasons Why You Face Obstacles In Learning How To Write Essay

Students faces many problems while composing an academic essay, the bulk of which is in no way unusual and troubled throughout time. Therefore, to write an essay successfully, students need to recognize what they fight against. The top reasons students face obstacles in learning how to write essay are-   1. Shortage of time- Insufficient time …"> Read More»

Got Stuck? Try These Tips To Streamline Your University Essay Writing

Composing academic essay is something which every student needs to come across at many points in their educational career. Knowing how to write an essay can help you in many ways. If you got stuck with your university essay the try the tips below to streamline your university essay writing- Excellent style of writing- Your style of writing …"> Read More»

How To Do University Assignment Help More Efficiently By Making Less Efforts

Assignments and homework is not the curse of your academic life. Some of the assignment writing habits students can inculcate in them that assist your workflow better. Concentration, time management, and planning are not natural propensity that some students have, and others don’t. They are techniques which are learned with great practice and determination. Here …"> Read More»

Rules To Follow About Write My Essay For Me

An essay is defined as a short piece of writing that expresses information as well as writer’s opinion. For some of the students, writing an essay is as easy as sitting down at their computer and beginning to type, however, a lot more planning goes into writing an essay successfully. If you have never written …"> Read More»

Is Reading Still An Important Activity Today? Why or Why Not?

Reading is an important activity everyone knows it, but have you ever asked yourself why that is so? Studies show that reading makes a big difference in a student’s educational performance. It is crucial for you to find out why reading is so important. You get to explore the world of education with the help …"> Read More»

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Studying in Australia can be a little bit expensive than studying in any other country. After acquiring admission to a university or college in Australia, your next concern will apparently be determining the source of wealth for your educational expenses. Students can apply for education loan to study in their favorite college or university in …"> Read More»

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Dissertation v/s Thesis

A dissertation or thesis is a final year assessment, which is distinct from other academic assignments. The anticipation is that, the student, take assessments for your enhancement and you create literature assess, you prefer a technique for endeavoring a study, report your result and talk about the outcome in a conversation section. A graduate degree …"> Read More»

Lots of assignments – the leading cause of students depression

Students all around the world aspire to get admission in their favorite universities however when they get enrolled in the desired universities or colleges the only thing they want is someone to do their assignments for them. Students are assigned lots of academic tasks hence to bring them out from this challenging situation is there to …"> Read More»

What is dissertation and how much word count required

The best thing about doing a dissertation is searching smart ways to postpone. The inspiration for this blog happens from one of the other innovative ideas I’ve initiate to keep myself from writing. If you are in last year of your college doing your Ph.D. or master level studies, so you guys have to prepare …"> Read More»

What is Dissertation Proposal?

When you are going to write a dissertation the first and foremost step is to write a dissertation proposal, writing dissertation proposal is the crucial step. The proposal you prepare require to be inimitable, and it fix the arena for your study and should guide out you develop a definite arrangement for your last project. …"> Read More»

Dissertation v/s Thesis 8 Basic Difference

Almost every student starts paying attention towards the difference between dissertation and thesis when they are about to complete their graduation or going to enroll themselves for a master degree. As they are supposed to write thesis or dissertation in their masters’, once they complete their graduation. I am sure many of you have gone …"> Read More»

Write perfect dissertation without cheating with friend

The dissertation is the long essay which Ph.D. or graduate students have to write after completing particular degrees. Students mostly face problem in preparing a thesis, because it is a lengthy process. It is very typical and time-consuming process. Most of the students don’t know how to write a proper dissertation, so that’s why they …"> Read More»

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What is a Term Paper? Likewise thesis and dissertation, a term paper is also a piece of work which is based on research, the only difference between a dissertation and term paper is the purpose for which they are written. Students have to write their term paper at the end of every semester or as …"> Read More»

Management Student must consult with

The biggest challenge in writing assignment and term papers is faced by the students of management. This is because most of the management students pursue their course in foreign countries. There they find themselves a bit lagging behind in understanding the system. MBA Assignment Help provided by is proving out very successful and significant for these …"> Read More»

How to Celebrate Christmas Away from Home

Winters come with festivals, mary making and a lot of enjoyment. It is almost impossible to exclude the Christmas while talking about winters. This is the festival people wait for during the full year. But, what about those students who are away from their family for studies. Those poor souls, who have to write their …"> Read More»

Why Professors give Assignments during Christmas Holidays

The festival of Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm among people. This is the time when people say goodbye to the current year and welcome the coming New Year ahead. Exchanging gifts, sweets, clothes and dance steps form the essence of this festival. Students get back to their home from their colleges or schools on …"> Read More»

What are the major problems could face Top USA Colleges & Universities Students?

Introduction There are many major problems in students life’s one of them is their assignments writing undoubtedly assignment writing is the toughest academic challenge one has to face during the term of student’s life. If you are one of the students who always escape while teachers assign you different projects on different topics with different …"> Read More»

Why Writing an Essay a Huge Problem For a Student?

Introduction Whether it is a story, or a research paper and assignments, writing an essay could be tough. The writing procedure is frequently a long road of starts & long revisions. Essay writing certainly requires a lot of time, devotion, and tolerance – something that students constantly have in short supply. Even if, & when …"> Read More»

Statistics Project

It is always best to have quite a lot of writing assignments and different types of writing generally connected with course readings in place of a big assignment at the last part of the course. On this page we will emphasize the difference between informal writing, or writing to learn, and formal writing, or writing …"> Read More»


Writing a speech can make the students to feel difficulty and stress. It is certain that most of the students will be handling the assignment of writing speech for the first time in their life. Hence, they may not know how to come up with speech in an effective manner. Since the students are not …"> Read More»

Reaction Paper

It is true that the learners used to become fearful as well as worried when they listen to the word assignment. The learners are essential to deal with assignment almost every day in their academic life. Since, the students’ lack of knowledge and familiarity with writing assignments, they used to feel annoyance when the teachers …"> Read More»

Questions and Answers

What Is Questions And Answers Essay? A student needs to answer many questions and have to deal with different types of essays as well. Most of the essays are to impress the teacher or the lecturer of a college to score big. Question and answer assignment is one of them. Question and answer assignment is …"> Read More»

Power Point Presentation

Teachers may ask you to come up with a good PowerPoint presentation based on a topic during your academic years. The likely uses of power point presentation are numerous. Obviously, effective PowerPoint presentations help you to teach a lesson very easily, demonstrate an event in history, or without difficulty put on view statistical information. It …"> Read More»

Multiple Choice Questions

Assignments are really an uphill task for the students across the globe and they are essential to handle a good number of assignments at some point in their academic years. Every course and academic program asks the students to write a variety of assignments as a part of their curriculum. Multiple choice questions and answers …"> Read More»

Movie Review

The academic life of every student is packed with the task of writing assignment. It is certain that the learners are must to deal with various assignments during their academic years at college, school, or university. The assignments assigned by the professors are essential to carry out in its good quality or else it can …"> Read More»

Math Finance Problem

If you are a math or finance student, you will be required to deal with essay on math or finance every now and then. It can be so tough for the students to deal with assignment in math and finance. Generally, math and finance turn out to be a toughest assignment for almost all the …"> Read More»

Information and Communication

The importance of communication is very huge and it is an unavoidable fact in every walk of life. Effective communication is a basic requirement for the attainment of your goals and none can survive in the world without acquiring information and communication. When you are at the college or school, the professors may solicit you …"> Read More»

Editing and Proofreading

Editing and Proofreading is a very important process of writing your essay. You cannot submit a paper without edit and proofread it. The actual process of writing an essay not ends with the writing process but it has to be proofread and edit prior to submit to the teachers. The final stage of writing your …"> Read More»


It is certain that coursework writing is one of the assignments that the students are essential to carry out during their academic years. Every assignment is very important to the students and they are required to deal with all assignments with utmost care since each assignment can influence in shaping the grades of students. However, …"> Read More»

Computer Technology

Have you got an assignment on computer technology? When you are at college or university, writing essays and other assignments are very common. The learners are must to carry out the assignments with a lot of attention since writing assignments can have a say in their grades. A number of professors see assignment writing as …"> Read More»

Case Study Review

When you are college or university, the number of assignment that you get to handle will be huge. The best parts of the students become stressed because of the overload of assignments. The professors ask the students to write down various assignments in order to know if they are capable of dealing with some topics …"> Read More»

Business Plan Writing

Business Plan Writing As a student of a business school, everyone needs to write their business plan. Business plan writing is a major part of a student’s academic career and the process of writing can provide a good guidance for them in future as well. Throughout your academic career (especially economy and business students), your …"> Read More»

Book Review Report

Assignment writing can cause stress, worry and tension amid the students. However, none of the students can avoid the task of writing assignments. Writing assignments is important just as writing exams. Most of the assignments can affect your internal marks. A number of professors observe assignments as way to arrange your internal marks. So, the …"> Read More»

Tesco’s Entry into China

1.0 Introduction Tesco is the largest UK retailer and it operating their business in the Europe and Asia. In this project it also discussed about Tesco enter to the China market. This project is divided into two parts, which is task 1 and task 2. Task 1 is discussed about the internal and external influences. …"> Read More»

Ackerman’s Neoliberal Argument on the Causes of Corruption

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Critically evaluate the following statement by Susan Rose-Ackerman (1996):   ‘The level of corruption is a function of the honesty and integrity of both public officials and private individuals. With these factors held constant, the size and incidence of bribe payments are determined by the overall level of benefits available, the riskiness of …"> Read More»

Biography Writing

Biography Writing In Academic Life A biography refers to a written story about the life of a person. Writing a biography requires one to be very careful in their writing to ensure the reader’s impression and feeling of gaining knowledge from the writing. One has to guarantee that the person they are writing about is …"> Read More»

A company operating

A multinational sometimes known as transnational, is a company operating out of its origin country which involves one or more countries. Multinational corporations growth in alliances, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions, but this will cause consumers to recognize the brand, rather the parent company. Shell, Caltex, ExxonMobil, Nokia, McDonalds, Toyota, Nestle, Sony, Microsoft corporations …"> Read More»

A Comparative Analysis of the Secessions of Iceland and Norway

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   The nature of secessions and the measure of their eventual success is heavily dependent on context and the political climate from which they emerge. Academics such as J. R. Wood have developed the study of secessions into a complex set of theories and frameworks through which this political phenomenon may be explained, and …"> Read More»

Analysis of Brotherton’s Theories of Hospitality

Introduction: Brotherton Brotherton investigates the issues lying at the depth of what professional scholars and experts convey; it is indirectly addressed to being good neighbours and its administration. It basically audits the definitions and points of view on these basic issues referred in the modern day accommodation, a clear perspective of what “accommodation handling” potrays. …"> Read More»

Analysis of Education in Senegal

Introduction The country Senegal or formally known as the Republic of Senegal is located in the western part of Africa. The people residing in Senegal are known as the Senegalese. Dakar is the capital city of Senegal and it is surrounded by countries like Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, and Guinea-Bissau and is also connected with the …"> Read More»

Analysis of Indonesia’s GDP and Food Production Industry

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   FOOD PRODUCTION: QUESTIONING DEVELOPMENT Tea plantation in Indonesia gives the strength to the country’s capita. As Indonesia is a developing country, the farmer’s family does not have sufficient nutrition for their family so the life expectancy and income is low. Moreover, the tea export to foreign countries can increase the income of Indonesia, …"> Read More»

Analysis of Uganda’s Decentralization Programme

Choose a particular development policy or intervention in Uganda that you have touched upon during your pathway lecutorials and discuss what are the key factors that will determine whether this policy or intervention will successfully achieve its development aims? You should draw on the relevant theoretical and country-specific literature to construct your argument. Introduction Since …"> Read More»

Analysis of Ti Tonic

Submitted by : Anubhav Singh      INTRODUCTION Ti-Tonics are propelled mixes of characteristic tea concentrates, fiber and plant polyphenols, intended to extinguish your thirst and sustain your body. Polyphenols are nature’s most intense cancer prevention agents and protectants. It’s one of its kind products in the world in which the ingredients come from the …"> Read More»

The Andean Community of Nations

The Andean Community of Nations History The history of the Andean Community of Nations started on the 26th of May 1969, when Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru signed the Cartagena Agreement. This was the launch of the Andean Integration process and was also known as the Andean Pact, (Andean Community of Nations, a brief …"> Read More»

Annotated Bibliography: Should Korea be Unified?

Working Thesis: Korean should not unify to reduce the challenges of costliness and complexity. Lee, Ji-Young, 3. “5 Things to Know about North and South Korea.” The Conservation, Credo Reference, 7 May 2017, Accessed 31 Oct. 2018. This informational article was updated on July 5, 2017, by Ji Young Lee, who is an Assistant Professor …"> Read More»

Apparel BranWhy did the struggle to end apartheid in South Africa take so long?d Research Project – Prada

Apparel Brand Research Project – Prada Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Why did the struggle to end apartheid in South Africa take so long? The struggle to end apartheid in South Africa appears, at the dawn of the twenty first century, to be an aberration of social and world history. Viewed within the context of the pervasive civil …"> Read More»

Application of Responsibility to Protect in Syria

The Start of Syrian Uprising It began in 2011 when a group of boys sprayed anti-government graffiti’s on their school wall in Deraa, Syria. Over half a million people have been killed in Syria since the start of the war. When the local authorities saw the graffiti, they rounded up the young boys along with …"> Read More»

Applications of Ushahidi

Introduction: The swift progress of the world trade and the truly dynamic exchange of many goods and services on a yearly basis illustrates the greatest growth dynamism. Moreover, Globalisation is seen as two opportunities whereby are retrieved by the consequence of the revolution of information and communication technologies. The two opportunities are educating through knowledge …"> Read More»

Banking system and the types of banks in russia

BANKING SYSTEM AND THE TYPES OF BANKS IN RUSSIA Russia’s Banking System has developed from a Soviet period to a two tier system and it still continues to develop rapidly in the recent years. The two tier system, however, is made up of (i) The Central Bank and (ii) The Commercial banks. Get Help With …"> Read More»

Beyond Borders: Stories of Yunnanese Chinese Migrants of Burma (Book Review)

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Chang, W. (2015). Beyond borders: Stories of Yunnanese Chinese migrants of Burma. Ithaca: Cornell University Press. There has been a recent increase in the demand for literature studying ethnic Chinese societies in different host countries. In response to this call for research, Dr. Wen-Chin Chang explores the lived experiences of Yunnanese Chinese Migrants of …"> Read More»

Bribery in international

BRIBERY IN INTERNATIONAL MARKETING Bribery in international markets is a fact of life that can lead to astonishment, bewilderment and misunderstanding for expatriates, at both organizational and personal levels. This article examines bribery from two viewpoints and tries to develop procedures to bridge them. The first viewpoint is relativist, accepting that different cultures have different …"> Read More»

Business Analytics and China’s Social Credit System

Business Analytics and China’s Social Credit System Business Analytics is one of the fastest growing markets in the world; businesses are constantly expanding their digital usage and are capable of accurately measuring aspects of operations in real-time. Collecting large amounts of data gives thousands of companies the ability to gather customer demographics and preferences used …"> Read More»

Business health check in hospitality industry

1.0 Introduction 1.1 Aim of the assignment This report is all about business health check in hospitality industry and finding the gaps of the organisation. After finding the gaps giving the appropriate recommendation and giving the action plan as well as time spam. After that how much it will cost to your organisation to implement …"> Read More»

Caliphate in the Middle East: The Rise of ISIS

Caliphate in the Middle East: The Rise of ISIS As non-state actors begin to rise into the international system, terrorism becomes more intertwined under the umbrella of “conflict”. Terrorism is a level up radicalization, as non-state actors use violence against innocent civilians and the government in order to achieve a political goal. In Iraq and …"> Read More»

Canada’s Climate Change Policy and Foreign Policy

Amid recent contentious events regarding deforestation and climate change in various parts of the world, Canada has asserted that they are back on the world stage as a world leader on climate change. It is therefore fair to conclude that they now bear the international responsibility for acting in an unwavering and effective manner in …"> Read More»

Case Studies of GSK

Chapter 10 CASE STUDY 1 (GSK) Observations GSK has pursued a greenfield venture as its entry strategy in Singapore. The firm has decided to spend 190 million to build a new plant. The reasons stated for its choice of Singapore are availability of highly educated employees, sound economy and provision of government incentives. GSK plans …"> Read More»

Causes and Solutions for Global Poverty

In this paper, we will propose solutions to reduce poverty all around the world. Understanding where poverty rooted from and how it has grown over time, will give us a since of understanding who poverty effects and how we can reduce it. Knowing how much of a role the government and private intuitions play in …"> Read More»

Causes of Japan’s Declining Birth Rates

What are the causes behind the declining birth rate of Japan and how has it impacted the functionality of its society? Japan is an island country located in the Pacific Ocean within the continent of East Asia, which is divided into 47 prefectures in 8 regions[1]. Japan’s population as of 2018 is approximately 127 million, …"> Read More»

Challenges and Techniques of the Oil Industry

The Oil Sand Energy availability and economic progress go hand in hand. It is not possible to achieve economic progress in the absence of cheap, reliable energy availability. The use of energy on the part of society has increased systematically over the past two centuries, since the time of the industrial revolution. And there is …"> Read More»

Characteristics of a Modern Nation State

Describing the characteristics of modern nation-state by giving describing Nation, State & Nation-state The nation is a culture group residing within the territory of the political state. A group of people are considered a nation if (1) they are permanent residents of a defined territory, (2) they exhibit some form of government, (3) they have …"> Read More»

Child Soldiers: History and Strategies for Prevention

Child soldiers Childhood is seen by some as a predominately a western social concept and an idea that has been questioned for a long time, (Norozi, and Moen, 2016)  what is normal to one society may not be normal to other geographical areas or cultural backgrounds, however it has been deemed unlawful for the recruitment …"> Read More»

Chocolate Brand Expansion into India

Submitted by: Sanjay Sharma  Whittaker’s is a New Zealand based chocolate company, owned and operated by Whittaker’s family since 1896. This chocolate brand is one of the most popular and trustworthy brand in the country, all the products are made in their own factory located in Wellington. The company exports its chocolate products to countries …"> Read More»

Comparison of Canada and Europe

16th February 2017 Group Members: Dharti Gandhi Sanam Akbar Ahamed Jifin Shahsad Brief of Canada and European Country Introduction Canada is the world’s second-largest country in terms of Trade. Economic and political relation between Canada and Europe started from 1950s. Europe and Canada have similar culture and comparable forms of government. Canada and Europe speaks similar …"> Read More»

Comparison of Forced Migration and Voluntary Migration

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Forced migration vs. voluntary migration Forced Migration:   –          The Mixing Room Exhibition: Afghans Flee the Taliban takeover. Factors contributing to departure from Afghanistan:   “For the majority of people in war-torn countries, the reality is that life is indeed nasty, brutish and short.”[1] States Abbas Nazaari.[2] Iran and Pakistan stopped registering new Afghan refugees in …"> Read More»

Comparison of Politics in Nigeria and Norway

Although Nigeria gained independence from colonisation in 1960, since then it has been overwhelmed by a crisis of underdevelopment. Despite having vast wealth from oil exploration, mining, and other natural resources, there have been no signs of recent social or economic development. Scholars have argued that the increase in political violence and the recent violent …"> Read More»

Concessions of Multinational Mining Companies in Ghana

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Dealing with Galamsey and Small-scale Mining on Concessions of Multinational Mining Companies in Ghana: “a Compromise or Confrontation” About This Study This paper tries to look at the composition of Ghana’s mining industry which is made up of two sectors which are the galamsey and small-scale mining and the Large-Scale mining sectors. In …"> Read More»

Consequences of Globalization on Society and the Economy

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Globalization is a phenomenon that has taken over the world. New advances are being made to service the growing population. This has been a major adjustment to economic, political, and cultural areas in the world since the 1960s and 1970s; such issues include the rise of governing bodies to regulate political conflicts, world …"> Read More»

Construction of Shingkhar-Gorgan Road in Eastern Bhutan

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Construction of Shingkhar-Gorgan Road in Eastern Bhutan  Construction of Shingkhar-Gorgan Road in Eastern Bhutan (A case study on the problem of dirty hands in politics) Executive Summary Bhutan became constitutional democracy in July 2008 almost after a century rule by the monarch since 1907. It was during their political campaign; the party began …"> Read More»

Container Shipping Industry

Outline the evolution of the structure in the container shipping industry and discuss the extent to which the structural changes are explained by increasing size of ships entering Introduction In the past especially in the last twenty years international container shipping industry and the related trade has been increasing at a tremendous rate. The period …"> Read More»

Corporate Governance Systems in BRIC Economies to Encourage Foreign Investment

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Which of the BRIC economies has the corporate-governance system that is most likely to encourage foreign investment? Corporate governance, since the 1998 Asian financial crisis, has recently become a mainstream and scholarly concern with relation to the importance of the economic development and well-being of emerging economies. It is generally regarded by academics …"> Read More»

Corporate Social Responsibility Case Study: Sainsburys

Introduction The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility means that organization have moral, ethical, and generous responsibility in addition to their responsibility to earn a fear return to investors and comply with law. CSR is a concept whereby organizations is consider the interest of society by taking the responsibility for the impact of their activities on …"> Read More»

Corruption in Myanmar

Myanmar is corrupted in every way possible because of several leading factors. As it was under military dictatorship for half a century, various dictator controlled and shaped the country’s economy and politics to benefit them. Corruption in Myanmar is a very serious problem as it is in many other countries. Many foreign entrepreneurs believe that …"> Read More»

Corruption in Peru Over Time and the Peruvian Oppressive Structure

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Introduction   Peru is a country with an estimated amount of 32.17 million people, near Bolivia and Ecuador.[1] Its beautiful beaches and a historic temple dating back to the Inca Empire from 1438-1532.[2] Seeing the population with 32.17 million to see that 46% of the population are indigenous with no education, poor homes, and no …"> Read More»

Country Analysis of India

Country Country Analysis of India India is a diverse country that includes an assortment of cultures, religions, races and languages. Coupled with its historical continuity dating back thousands of years. To date, their cultural heritage and social structure remains intact. Communication with others is based on respect for history. Understanding the rich traditions is essential …"> Read More»

Country Profile of Israel: Politics, Legal Structure and CSO Funding

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   SUMMARY: Established in 1948 as a socialist state, Israel was created as a home for the diasporic Jewish community following WWII. Today, it functions parliamentary democracy. Although Israel does not have an official constitution, a series of Basic Laws were passed, many of which function to protect “human dignity and liberty”. Get Help …"> Read More»

Creation of Transnational Communities from International Migration

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Whilst social scientists had been long ‘constrained by the closed models of “structural functionalism”’ ( Radcliffe Brown 1952) and ‘social system’, the static nature of these models only permitted them to treat each society ‘as a discrete and bounded entity with its own separate economy, culture, and historical trajectory’(Glick Schiller, Basch, and Szanton-Blanc …"> Read More»

Cultural and Geographic Demographics of Mali

Mali: Phase Three Mali is a landlocked country in West Africa. It is almost twice the size of Texas with very diverse terrain and culture. During the Scramble for Africa, France gained control of the territory and named it French Sudan. It wasn’t until September 1960 that they gained their independence and became The Republic …"> Read More»

Cultural Demographics of Croatia

Croatia: Training packet   Abstract This packet is to inform employees moving to Croatia and what they are to expect when moving into an international country. This packet will provide the employee the history of the culture and will also give a basic understanding of the customs and the values the country holds. It will …"> Read More»

Current phase of economic growth in singapore nitin raj

CURRENT PHASE OF ECONOMIC GROWTH IN SINGAPORE NITIN RAJ Introduction The international economy has experienced fundamental changes during last two or so decades. Economic activity is becoming not only more internationalised but also meaningfully, it is becoming globalised in a world of complexity, interconnectedness and mobility. Today we live in a rapidly changing and increasing …"> Read More»

Current Situation in Bangladesh in Terms of ‘Women’s Empowerment’

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Ccurrent situation in Bangladesh in terms of ‘women’s empowerment’ Bangladeshi women are at a disadvantage as they face barriers in all aspects of their lives. The disadvantage is noticeable, for example, in terms of medical services, economic opportunities, political participation and property management. At present, various programs are being implemented in Bangladesh for …"> Read More»

Czech Republic EU

Czech Republic is strategically located at the center of Europe. After the fall of Soviet Union and the end of communism in Czech republic after the velvet revolution there was a considerable growth in the field of economic and industrial area. When the Czech Republic joined into EU and CEC it attracted a lot of …"> Read More»

Dehumanization and Criminalization of the Undocumented Worker in the US

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses … Unless They are From Mexico”    The Dehumanization and Criminalization of the Undocumented Worker in the Land of Liberty   Abstract “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the …"> Read More»

Development of Human Rights in the United Nations

The United Nations came together and began to compile a list of what they considered to be a right to every human, no matter their nationality. These rights are an outline that was created in hopes of providing a basic level of decent existence to each person. In order to be applicable to every person …"> Read More»

Development of Structural Transformation in Myanmar

Introduction Dubbed one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is an interesting case study for analyzing the extent of structural transformation in the region. Having being setback by decades of military rule and civil unrest, Myanmar’s path to economic development has been a challenging one. Before and …"> Read More»

Disparities in Living Standards Examined in Argentina and Uruguay

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Abstract In the recent years following 2001, Uruguay had to confront an extreme decline in their monetary development, which was a direct result of Argentina’s Economic Recession in 2001. Argentina’s recession affected bordering countries who also relied upon their fiscal revenue to sustain sturdy economic shape: specifically, Uruguay. Both Uruguay and Argentina were …"> Read More»

Does the Notion of a ‘third World’ Continue to Have Any Validity in Today’s World?

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Does the notion of a ‘Third World’ continue to have any validity in today’s world? The term ‘third world’ is used to referring to countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, which are still developing till this day. Usually, these countries are not lined up with the first world and second world. Get …"> Read More»

East Asian Culture

Orient is defined as study of East Asian culture, their tradition and its impact on the rest of the world. European found the word orient. The term was further developed in the form of orient and oxidant. Oriental countries are all East Asian countries like Japan, Korea, China and an oxidant country means all Western …"> Read More»

Economic Comparison of Argentina and Chile

Introduction Argentina and Chile are “sister” countries comprising the bottom tip of South America.  Both countries sitting geographically next to each other share the same weather patterns and similar natural resources. Because of its size, Argentina has a larger agrarian culture than Chile.  Chile, though, is rich in copper and one of the world’s leading …"> Read More»

Effect of Globalisation on Developing Countries

Globalization: The Whole Story Globalization is a concept that is believed to be the perpetrator of the lack of economic success in Africa. The material presented and assigned in class only gives half of the story, excluding the benefits of globalization for Africa and her people. Understanding the effects of participating in the world economy, …"> Read More»

Effect of Immigration on Food Availability and Consumption in Australia

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Immigration has played a significant role in changing food availability and consumption patterns in Australia Australian food is heavily influenced by the cultures and people that have migrated here. Australia is a country with a rich migration history; immigrants with diverse cultural background have made considerable impacts on increasing food availability and changing …"> Read More»

Empirical Study of China Post One-Child Policy

Thinking of Future Generation: The Empirical Study of China Post One-Child Policy Introduction Background In the beginning of 2016, the ending of the 36 years One Child Policy was pronounced by the Chinese government substituting it with another policy known as two-child policy (Feng, Gu, & Cai, 2016). For over three decades, family members in …"> Read More»

Energy Security and Requirement of the EU and Role of Turkey as an Energy Corridor

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Energy Security and Requirement of the EU and Role of Turkey as an Energy Corridor     1.Introduction The demand of the leading countries in energy consumption is expected to increase by 35% by 2035. It is estimated that in 2035, fossil fuels will continue to be the main source of energy with …"> Read More»

Evaluation of Mozambique’s Energy Transition

What is an energy transition, and in what ways has Mozambique’s energy transition been “incomplete”? Energy transition is the move towards a system which uses more of renewable sources as well as maximising available opportunities from increased efficiency of energy and improved management of the energy demand. This transition has been particularly difficult for Mozambique …"> Read More»

Factors for Decentralisation in Developing Countries

Managing in Developing Countries Why do developing countries decentralise and what factors determine success or failure? Use examples drawn from developing countries to illustrate your answer. Decentralisation is the practice of transferring or moving state power, responsibility and resources to local governments and therefore communities. It is the practice of handing power and decision making …"> Read More»

Factors for Defining Development

What is development?   ‘Development seems to defy definition, although not for a want of definitions on offer.’ (Cowen and Shenton, 1996, p. 2) In 2015, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals came in to effect, replacing the Millennium Development Goals as the most widely recognised framework for international development. The goals are designed to …"> Read More»

Factors that Lead to Underdevelopment

“Comparing Factors that lead to Underdevelopment” Factors that Lead to Underdevelopment To begin with, the term under development in most of the developing nations is used in reference to the poor economic and technology state in developing countries. Commonly, most of the undeveloped countries are located in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  Various sectors of …"> Read More»

Fair Trade Movement

The Aims and the Effects of the Fair-Trade Movement “What aims and purposes motivate the fair-trade movement? To what extent do you think that the methods adopted by fair-trade organizations achieve those aims?” Introduction In 2006, Fair trade certified sales amounted to approximately $2.3 billion worldwide, a 41% year-to-year increase. And fair-trade products generally account …"> Read More»

Feminist Critiques of the Traditional Just War Theory

Introduction “Feminism is the belief that women are of equal social and human value with men, and that the differences between men and women, whether biologically based or culturally derived, do not and should not constitute grounds for discrimination against women” (Reardon 1985, 20). This definition best summarizes the core concept of feminism. From this …"> Read More»

Feminist Relations Gender

Explain the relatively late arrival of feminist approaches to the study of international relations theory. What can we learn from feminist theories of world politics? In this essay, I will be attempting to explain the relatively late arrival of feminist approaches to the study of international relations theory. In addition I will be answering the …"> Read More»

Fighting Against Terrorism in West Africa: Assessing the MNJTF Organization

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Fighting Against Terrorism in West Africa: Assessing the MNJTF Organization The nations of the Lake Chad Basin have a long history of cooperation, including initiatives aimed at reducing the effects of climate change, combating desertification and drought, tackling food insecurity, and addressing related problems of agricultural underproduction and reso